Getting started

How to upgrade to Team

How does upgrading to a team plan look like in shelf? Find everything you need to know about it here.

How upgrading your account works in shelf

  • To upgrade to a team account you need a personal account
  • You can register this personal account with your personal email or your company email, it does not matter
  • When you are on your personal workspace, you can navigate to settings > workspace, there you have an option to upgrade to team
  • Once you upgraded to team, you can create a new workspace - this will be your Team workspace
  • On this Team workspace, you can then add a logo, description and also add co-admins
  • Remember, you are the account OWNER and therefore have access to this new Team workspace
  • Moreover, you can still add non - registered team members, which are basically members you can give custody over an asset to - these users can be transformed into admins without losing their custodianship. Read more on the user types at Shelf.

That’s it! You’ve upgraded to a Team account and can now enjoy the new set of features.

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