Getting started

How to add Assets to your Inventory

Populate your inventory with assets manually. Alternatively you can save time by importing your full inventory via a spreadsheet.

Adding your equipment inventory to your Shelf inventory is crucial to streamlining your workflow, saving costs, and focusing more on creative endeavors. There are several methods to suit different preferences and organizational structures.

Adding assets manually

If you have a smaller amount of assets to add, you can easily input them one by one following these steps.

Remember to utilize our custom fields to store more detailed information about your assets. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights and improve overall management of your inventory. To learn how to use custom fields, click here.

Importing assets via a spreadsheet

If you have numerous assets to add to your Shelf inventory, using the bulk import feature can significantly reduce the amount of time spent entering data manually. Follow these steps to prepare your spreadsheet for import.

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