Asset Search

Navigate your asset database quickly and effectively

No matter the size of you asset database - we believe you should locate your assets quickly.

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Why is search important for asset management ?

Efficiently finding the right asset at the right time is crucial in asset management. Here’s why search functionality is key:

  • Quick Access to Assets: Enables fast retrieval of asset information, saving time and reducing operational delays.

  • Enhanced Decision Making: Provides instant data for informed decisions about asset utilization and maintenance.

  • Streamlined Audits and Reporting: Facilitates easy compilation of asset data for audits, compliance, and reporting.

How does search work on Shelf?

Shelf’s search functionality is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Here’s how it streamlines asset management:

  • Powerful Vector Search: Combine search queries (like custodian, category, status) to quickly find exactly what you need.

How to start using shelf asset search

Try it for yourself.

Register to Shelf

Simply register to shelf. Each user starts with a personal workspace. To get a team workspace, upgrade to a team plan.

Populate your inventory

Add each asset individually, use our batch uploader or buy unclaimed asset labels to stick to objects and then register.

Use the search bar

Search for an assets name, categories, custodian or a combination of all of them.

Asset search is released and ready for you to use. Get started today by creating a personal shelf account or creating a team environment.