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Ditch the hassle of designing and printing your own tags. Our rugged, laminated labels are specifically designed to work in tandem with Shelf, making it effortless to link or create new assets on the go. Simply scan the QR code and start tracking your equipment in minutes.

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How it works

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Shelf offers features to register all your IT assets, assign them to individuals, locations, and enhance their meta data with custom fields. You can know exactly who has been assigned IT assets, from which date and your end users can submit support requests related to their assets by scanning their asset tag and leaving you a message.

Shelf asset tags are printed in handy A5 sized sheets

Our tags are made from PVC with added lamination for extra protection, ensuring they withstand everyday wear and tear. UV/Water and Scratch protected.

A Macbook.UI element showing a asset header with a name, status and thumbnail.UI element showing a team member who currently is in custody of an asset.

Peel one off, add to an asset and scan the code to register in your database

Create a better standard operating procedure for new assets by keeping a stock of labels. New equipment bought? Label it before assigning it to a location or custodian.


Once you receive your asset tag sheets, apply them to assets you wish to manage within Shelf

Tags can be attached to a wide range of equipment and inventory items, making it easy to keep track of everything you own.


Scan to reveal asset information and perform actions

Update GPS locations, change a physical location, assign an asset to a user or leave a note on the notes area. Everything you can do on desktop you can do on your phone.

How does asset location tracking work?

Assets that use shelf asset labels (QR asset tags) - either printed by you or by us - sync location on each scan.

  • We request location permissions on each scan

  • We use a mix of sources to grab a location from a scan

  • We log all the data requested on a map which sits on each of your assets pages

Open-source by design

Asset and equipment tracking software for teams that value clarity

Focus on goals. Improve asset utilization. Achieve results.

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UI element showing a asset header with a name, status and thumbnail.
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