Visualize your asset inventory

Get a birds eye view of your asset inventory with shelf.

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What value does the dashboard provide?

A centralized and intuitive interface to give you an overview of your asset management activities. Quick insights, easy navigation.

  • Single source of truth for your asset database

  • Handy widgets to give quick information

  • Updated in real time

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Keep track of inventory value

Each asset added to shelf, has a value field. Use it to keep track of your inventory value and get a quick insight on your database.

  • Be audit ready

  • Track database value

  • Export data to provide to insurers

Key features

Dashboard widgets

Most scanned categories

Useful tool for understanding which types of assets are accessed or utilized most often, helping in resource allocation and management.

Most scanned assets

Displays the individual assets that are scanned the most. This feature is key in identifying high-demand items and understanding usage patterns for better asset optimization.


Shows a list of team members who are currently responsible for various assets. This feature promotes accountability and helps in tracking the stewardship of each asset.

Newest asset on database

Efficient way to keep track of newly acquired resources and integrate them into your management system.

Assets by status

This aids in quick decision-making and effective resource deployment.

Asset location ratio

Offers a visual representation of where your assets are located, proportionally. This tool is essential for understanding the distribution of assets across different locations or departments.

How to enable asset dashboard

There are a few conditions that need to be met for shelf to display data related to your assets.

Register to Shelf

Simply register to shelf. Each user starts with a personal workspace. To get a team workspace, upgrade to a team plan.

Populate your inventory

Add each asset individually, use our batch uploader or buy unclaimed asset labels to stick to objects and then register.

Create categories

You can use Shelf standard categories or create your own - remember, each asset can belong to 1 category.

Assign custody over an asset

Create accountability for your assets by assigning them to a user.

Dashboard functionality is released and ready for you to use. Get started today by creating a personal shelf account or creating a team environment.