Asset location tracking

Keep track of the last known location of your assets

Extract more value out of your asset labels. Enhance your asset database with location tracking.

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Why should you care about location tracking?

Location tracking based on QR codes offers a layer of functionality at an affordable cost. No batteries needed. Tracking via your mobile phone.

  • Each asset label scan (QR) updates a map

  • Store the date/time/browser/coordinates of the last scan

  • NEW: Manually update an asset location with one click (No QR Scan needed)

How does asset location tracking work?

Assets that use shelf asset labels (QR asset tags) - either printed by you or by us - sync location on each scan.

  • We request location permissions on each scan

  • We use a mix of sources to grab a location from a scan

  • We log all the data requested on a map which sits on each of your assets pages

How to preview asset location tracking

See it for yourself. Follow the instructions to get to see the feature.

Register to Shelf

Simply register to shelf. Each user starts with a personal workspace. To get a team workspace, upgrade to a team plan.

Populate your inventory

Add each asset individually, use our batch uploader or buy unclaimed asset labels to stick to objects and then register.

Scan an asset QR code

Scan the QR code with your phone and see the map update in real time.

Asset tag based location tracking is released and ready for you to use. Get started today by creating a personal shelf account or creating a team environment.