Key features

Custody Feature for Long-Term Equipment Lend-Outs

Use custody for long term asset lend-outs.

Using the custody functionality

Asset custody functions as if you were checking something out infinitely. You can log which assets you've borrowed to whoever has them, without needing to specify when they should be returned or where. This feature is great for situations where the asset may only be borrowed for a brief period or an extended length of time.

Assigning custody of an asset to a team member

  1. Go to your Assets, and choose an asset from the index
  2. Click Actions, then choose Give custody
  3. Choose a team member that will receive custody over the asset
Clicking the Actions button will reveal the Give custody action

Releasing custody of an asset to a team member

If the custodian has returned the asset to the equipment room and you wish to make it available for use again, you may choose to release custody.

  1. Go to the asset page
  2. Click Actions and choose Release custody
Clicking the Actions button will reveal the Release custody action

Please note that if your asset has been placed into custody, it displays a blue status badge. Upon release, the asset will become fully available again.


It is important to remember that only individuals who possess the appropriate custody permissions are authorized to grant or remove custody from assets.

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