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Scanning an asset

How scanning assets work on shelf

You might be curious what the options are to interact with your shelf asset QR codes. On this post we highlight all ways you can interact with your asst labels.

On shelf there are two types of asset tags.

Linked to assets

These are tags that get created either by creating a new asset via your personal or team workspace. Or via CSV import. They are linked to an asset on your database.

Unlinked to assets

These are 'orphaned' tags, which are not linked to an asset. These are typically utilised when a user wants to pre-purchase asset labels to do inventory based on an asset-per-asset basis.

Ways to scan and interact tags

You can interact with your tags in the following ways

  • Scan a QR via your Phone Camera - This will show a URL and link you to the right asset on your database (Note: If you scan the tag and are not authenticated/logged in you will see a 'contact owner' form - this form will ask for a user to grant location permissions and messages sent from this form will arrive in the account owners email inbox)
  • Scan a QR code via our in-app-scanner: This will allow you to scan a code and quickly, without needing to re-authenticate - take you to the right asset. You will be presented with a set of quick actions to perform.