Key features

Adding additional fields to Assets

Customize your workflow by adding custom fields to your assets.

Configuring custom fields for assets

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to the Custom fields tab
  • Click Add custom field
  • Fill a name for the field
  • Choose a field type
  • Specify if the field is required or optional
  • Specify if the field is active (Deactivating a field will no longer show it on the asset form and page)
  • Fill a Help text (This text will function as a help text that is visible when filling the field)

Using Custom Fields

Using custom fields for a new asset

  1. Go to Assets, click New asset
  2. Fill the required default and custom fields
  3. Click Save

Updating a custom field of an existing asset

  1. Go to Assets
  2. Select the asset of which you want to update the field
  3. Click Edit
  4. Update the field
  5. Click Save

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