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Shelf for Windows

Use shelf's asset management system right on your windows desktop. Enjoy faster access and performance. With all the features that our cloud platform offers but conveniently on your desktop.

Modern Asset Tags

Generate unique, programmable QR code tags for all your assets.

Never lose track of your assets again with our modern asset tags. Our programmable QR codes allow you to generate unique tags for each asset, making asset management a breeze.

This is a screengrab from within the Shelf app showing location tracking.
No Extra Equipment Needed

Scan tags with our built-in code scanner

Lowest implementation cost. Secure scanning, regardless of the device. Works on Android, iOS, or any other operational system. No excuses to keep a clean, up-to-date asset database with Shelf.

Real-time Location Tracking

Last known location mapping for every asset.

Keep tabs on all your assets with our location tracking feature. You'll always know the last known location of every asset, helping you stay on top of your inventory management.

Full Database Search

Find the right information, instantly

No more digging through piles of documents or spreadsheets. Our full database search tool helps you find the right information on all your assets instantly.


Give team members custody over assets

This feature helps you assign team members as custodians of specific assets, promote accountability, enhance security, streamline audits, and optimize collaboration.