Bookings: Release Status

Keep track of our progress for releasing bookings here.

Bookings: Release Status
Written by
Carlos Virreira
Published on
November 14, 2023

Booking release progress 📆

One of our most requested features is Bookings. We aim to expand our open source asset management system with shared asset booking functionalities. Our goal is to empower teams to effectively collaborate around gear. And to provide an open infrastructure to create batch bookings for assets.

Where we are now

We have gone through various design stages, tested our designs with a few select partners and have done most of the back-end for this release.

Currently, we are testing the functionality (timezones, mailers, reminders) on our test environment.

  • Design stage finished
  • Back end created
  • Front end made
  • Code merged to test repository
  • Email reminder system operational (check out / check in reminder)

The stage in which we are in is very much stress testing the system - to make sure no gaps are present for our first Bookings release. Also ensuring that there are no logic leaks with our process.

Our beta release date is currently planned for:

Q1 2024


Bookings is released in Beta and only available on our team plans!

Article by
Carlos Virreira

Founder / Vision Lead at

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Bookings: Release Status
Carlos Virreira
Co-Founder Shelf

Founder / Vision Lead at

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