Small improvements to Shelf (Q4 2023)

Small improvements we do to shelf, quarter per quarter. Not part of official big releases but gradual improvements.

Small improvements to Shelf (Q4 2023)
Written by
Carlos Virreira
Published on
November 21, 2023

Thanks for checking this blog. Here we keep a 'notepad' of small usability improvements we are doing to Shelf's user interface.

Interface upgrades

As shelf is growing and more features are being added (asset bookings, alerts) we find ourselves needing more efficient layout usage of our application. This inspired an upgrade of the UI, starting with tables, headers and action buttons.

Custom fields

For both single line text and multi line text. Any links we find we will treat them as links and open them on a new tab.

Use this to direct your users to external files with information

Database value calculation

Your dashboard now shows the cumulative value of all your assets combined.

We also calculate how many assets have filled value fields

Article by
Carlos Virreira

Founder / Vision Lead at

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Small improvements to Shelf (Q4 2023)
Carlos Virreira
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Founder / Vision Lead at

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UI element showing a asset header with a name, status and thumbnail.
UI element showing asset fields.
UI element showing a booking entry.